30+ tools we use to run Netsach

  • Notion (capture ideas and organize tasks)
  • Figma (mockups and prototypes design)
  • iPads Pro (+ pencil) with Goodnotes and Concepts (sketching)
  • Sublime Text (code editor)
  • Gitlab (full agile development cycle)
  • Python & Javascript (programming languages)
  • Concrete-Datastore, Django, VueJS (web frameworks)
  • Stripe (payment)
  • Custom in-house tools (deployments, packaging, watchdog)
  • Runn (planning)
  • EHour (timesheets)
  • Offdays (remote and off day planning)
  • Todoist (Tasks management)
  • Custom in-house tools (billing)
  • Riverside (recording)
  • Transistor fm (publishing)



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Pierre Alexandre Schembri

Pierre Alexandre Schembri

CEO at Netsach —Innovative Business Development