CIOs and CMOs shouldn’t work together, they have opposed goals

Creating value requires speed and agility

The business dynamic is not the same than the engineering dynamic. We are talking days vs months. Remember that a good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

Agile software development won’t save you

Everyone fell for the agile/scrum fallacy. Where is the value creation ? Taking months to build a customer portal that no one will use is pure loss. Too many projects are built so far from clients that they are doomed from day one.

Considering the Time to Market is the way to go

Your marketing team job is to identify where the value is and how much is there. Think of oil exploration but without the tremendous costs of building platforms. Now, what’s the fastest way to extract this value before anyone else ?

Anticipate major push backs

CIOs don’t want to be set aside and miss the opportunity to grow their department. Individual interests are completely misaligned and I can count on one hand the clients having a peaceful relationships with their IT department.

Overcoming the challenges by thinking creatively

You already know the how to overcome these challenges yet deep dive you ignored them.

Innovation and value creation are your main priorities

The journey will not be easy but it is worth it. Your company’s future depends on it.



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Pierre Alexandre Schembri

Pierre Alexandre Schembri

CEO at Netsach —Innovative Business Development